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The Community

You are here!
Not on the map? We've only put schools for now, let us know and we'll gladly add you!
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We are extremely proud that the site has gathered a community around itself. Parents, grand-parents, aunties, uncles, teachers, caregivers and of course all the children.

We know the Red Fish is part of your lives, in more ways than one, sometimes a very important part.

Thanks for all the comments we get.
Here are some of them.

"I worked in the UK for a long time and the children there loved your website. Now that I have moved to Kuwait, the children here love it as well!"
- A travelling teacher ;)

"My kindergarten kids love all the activities and many now in the upper grades still beg to visit the RED FISH! It's unique in the activities and all levels can find interesting activities on your page! I especially love how the little ones explore and try new things, share with each other, and challenge their minds to learn!"
- A K-5 Computer Teacher from Michigan

"We all (600) people love the site
We are all from the same school in Australia
- A teacher in a school in Australia (and 600 children)

"I use it almost daily as a teacher of children with special needs. It really is excellent."

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